Santa Barbara Getaways - Ventura

Santa Barbara Getaways - Ventura

San Buenaventura Mission, Ventura, California


Welcome to our Santa Barbara Getaways blog series! Every week for 4 weeks, we will highlight a different getaway trip idea for Santa Barbara locals and visitors. We’ll give you an inside look at some of our favorite towns near Santa Barbara, and what makes them perfect for a day or weekend trip. This week’s getaway is Ventura, California!

Ventura is a coastal city south of Santa Barbara, renowned for its beautiful beaches and home to Ventura Pier and Surfer’s Point, a premier California surf spot. Downtown Ventura’s Main Street boasts a wide array of charming locally-owned shops and restaurants, as well as the historical San Buenaventura Mission. Resting off of Ventura’s coast are the Channel Islands, known for their rare island foxes, sea caves, and hiking trails.


Channel Islands Kayaking Tour


Distance from Santa Barbara: 30 minutes

Coffee: At Prospect Coffee, you can grab a great, classic cup of coffee or try one of their seasonal drinks for something fresh and innovative

Get Outside: Arroyo Verde Park is located in a dried-up river valley, and offers several miles of great hiking trails, open grass areas, and picnic/BBQ sites.

Restaurants: Try Two Trees for a cozy cafe with Mexican-inspired comfort food and drinks or Cafe Neuveu for an upscale dining experience of California cuisine. Model Citizen is a restaurant and cocktail bar that utilizes local ingredients to create unique coastal dishes.

Shopping: Ventura is known for its great selection of antique stores and thrift shops, including Times Remembered and Throwback Junction. Or stop by B.on Main and Findings Market for local artisan goods and gifts.

DK Group recommended activity: From Ventura Harbor, take a ferry to the Channel Islands, where you can explore nature and partake in tons of fun outdoor activities, including kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, surfing, and wildlife observation.

Our favorite Ventura fact: The Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach hotel is featured in the Oscar-winning film Little Miss Sunshine, starring Steve Carrell and Toni Collette.


The Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel featured in Little Miss Sunshine


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