The Path to Homeownership in Santa Barbara: Our Clients’ Story Featured in The New York Times

The Path to Homeownership in Santa Barbara: Our Clients’ Story Featured in The New York Times

David's clients Lindsey and Meghan Zero with their son Milo

In Santa Barbara, our clients Lindsey and Meghan Zero's dream of homeownership seemed just out of reach amidst the soaring real estate market. Their journey from renters to proud homeowners of a manufactured home in the Rancho Goleta Lakeside community was recently highlighted in the New York Times!

With David’s expert guidance and their own perseverance, the Zeros navigated the competitive market, their quest for a family-friendly neighborhood, and the financial hurdles that many face in Santa Barbara’s housing landscape. Opting for a less traditional path to homeownership, they discovered a gem that offered the community, affordability, and sense of belonging they were searching for.

As their realtor, David was honored to support and be a part of the Zero's journey, proving that with the right approach, the dream of homeownership in Santa Barbara is attainable. The Zero's story, underscores the essence of our mission: to help our clients navigate through the many twists and turns of the home buying process and ultimately achieve their goals, no matter the budget.

Read the New York Times article HERE.

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