Superbloom spotted at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, during their Beer Garden event


With Spring in full swing and the rainy season coming to an end, many are wondering if we can expect a California superbloom this year. Superblooms are a rare phenomenon in which an exceptionally abundant blooming of wildflowers occurs. The most popular and notable superblooms occur right here in California, particularly in arid, desert areas such as Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Antelope Valley, and the Mojave Desert. Conditions for superblooms are highly specific and their occurrence varies greatly depending on many aspects, including weather and volume of wildflower seeds. But this year, superblooms have already begun to pop up around California, with experts optimistic that there will be more to come!

Where to see the Superblooms:

Fortunately, you do not have to travel far to see the superblooms. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a local 78 acre botanic garden that maintains a plethora of rare and indigenous plants. Experience the superbloom in the garden’s historic Meadow, where a myriad of California’s precious wildflowers have sprung across the land. Last month, DK Group sponsored and were a part of the garden’s “Beer Garden", an outdoor beer-tasting event to support the garden and promote environmental conservation, research, and education. We were also able to see the glorious blooms ourselves! Watch our reel all about it here.

We’ve compiled a list of a few more incredible locations near Santa Barbara where you can view the superblooms.

Tips on how to best enjoy the Superblooms:

  • Don’t touch the flowers: Though it may be tempting, it is important not to touch or pick the flowers. That way we can preserve California’s natural landscape and allow for others to enjoy the blooms too!
  • Wear walking attire: You may need to walk or hike a distance to see the blooms, so be sure to dress appropriately and drink lots of water.
  • Stay on the trail: Superbloom locations can be remote and it is easy to get lost. Do not stray from the marked trails, paths, and roads.

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Superbloom Reports:

There are many online resources to track the location of superblooms. Here are just a few sites that will provide you with the latest info on the blooms and their locations.


Have fun and be safe amongst the beautiful colors of California’s wildflowers!

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