San Roque Restaurant Guide

San Roque Restaurant Guide

San Roque Restaurant Guide

Santa Barbara is home to a variety of exceptional restaurants, each one bringing their own unique flavors, ingredients, and ambiance. Every week this April, we will showcase a different Santa Barbara neighborhood by creating a guide to the excellent restaurants they have to offer. This week we will be highlighting the San Roque neighborhood, one of Santa Barbara’s most desirable and charming neighborhoods.


Breakfast at Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy is a local diner that has been serving Santa Barbara since 1958. Known for its classic American breakfasts, this restaurant offers a cozy, retro ambiance that feels like home. Farmer Boy offers a variety of delicious breakfast meals including fluffy pancakes, savory chilaquiles, and their signature omelets. Paired with a fresh cup of hot coffee or a refreshing glass of orange juice, Farmer Boy is the perfect place to get your day started on the right note.


Lunch at Your Choice

For lunch, there’s no better option than Your Choice, a fantastic Thai restaurant with a diverse and extensive menu. Your Choice lives up to its name by offering something for everyone, including noodles, salads, curries, fried rice, and much more! We recommend trying their lunch specials, where you can get a delicious meal for a great price. Your Choice is also home to Creaminal, an amazing ice cream brand, perfect for a midday treat. We’re huge fans of Your Choice, and even did an interview with owner Piti Sukavivatanachai, which you can watch HERE.


Dinner at Harry’s Plaza Cafe

For over 50 years, Harry’s Plaza Cafe has been a dining staple in Santa Barbara, popular among locals and visitors alike. Harry’s is known for their generous portions, hearty dishes, and specialty drinks, set amongst a nostalgic backdrop of hundreds of photos of Santa Barbara throughout the years. With a menu full of American comfort food, a warm atmosphere, and friendly staff, Harry’s is the perfect place to end your night.


San Roque's dining scene offers a delightful mix of tradition and diversity. From the historic charm of Farmer Boy to the inventive flavors of Your Choice, and the timeless spirit of Harry's, there's a taste of Santa Barbara in every bite.

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