Celebrating World Health Day

Celebrating World Health Day

World Health Day's 2024 Theme is "My Health, My Right"

Celebrating World Health Day

April 7th is World Health Day, a day that aims to create awareness about the importance of global health and to inspire actions that can lead to a healthier world for everyone. Started by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, World Health Day is a longstanding tradition that reminds us that health is human right. This year’s theme is “My Health, My Right”, which was chosen to champion the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to quality health services of all sorts, including quality housing. 

Health is at the forefront of our business as realtors, and we strive to ensure the safety of our clients through every step of the process. From inspecting homes for all kinds of health hazards to keeping our own health in check to provide our clients with the highest level of service, health is a key component to our mission.

As realtors in Santa Barbara, we also recognize and love that our beautiful city is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Santa Barbara’s stunning natural landscapes, clean air, and abundant green spaces are not just visually appealing but also play a critical role in promoting physical and mental health. Some of our team’s favorite health-friendly activities for people of all ages and lifestyles include:

- Walks on Butterfly Beach

- Shopping at the local farmers market

- Enjoying a hike

- Taking 5 minutes to ground ourselves in the fresh air.

We are dedicated to helping people find not just a home in Santa Barbara, but also a lifestyle and community that encourages us to live healthily and happily. Learn more about World Health Day HERE.

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